Donauer Opposes Tax Hike

posted by Randy Donauer    |   November 30, 2014 14:28

City Administration presented us with a 7.32% request for a tax increase in 2015.  I am opposed to this request and will be voting against it.  See my comments in the Star Phoenix and CKOM below...

For 650 CKOM article click this link.

For Star Phoenix, click this pdf  2014.11 SP article_budget.pdf (1,019.28 kb)

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Video of Kinsmen Park Upgrades

posted by Randy Donauer    |   November 15, 2014 14:41

The City of Saskatoon has produced an excellent Youtube video to update you on the Potash Corp Playland at Kinsmen Park.  Once again, we wish to thank Potash Corp for paying for the upgrades and new rides, and Canpotex for paying for the new train and tracks.  

To view the video, click here.

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Video of Commuter Parkway and Traffic Bridge Project

posted by Randy Donauer    |   July 21, 2014 11:12

The City of Saskatoon has produced an excellent video explaining the Commuter Parkway and Traffic Bridge project.  Click this link to view the video on Youtube.

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Letter to the editor

posted by Randy Donauer    |   January 17, 2014 15:58

Below is a letter to the editor that I sent concerning today's article in the Star Phoenix:

I must correct some of the statements erroneously attributed to me in Friday's article.  First, I have stated multiple times that I am in favour of seniors discounts, and I am.  Seniors have built this city, and they deserve our respect.  The Saskatoon Council On Aging presented an excellent report to Committee.  Some recommendations involved new discounts for seniors, which I stated that I support.  My question to SCOA was whether there should also be consideration given to a person's financial situation, to ensure we are helping those most in need.  I wanted to know their opinion. Never have I questioned "whether it's appropriate" to offer seniors discounts.  Never have I asked whether we should "keep offering" a seniors bus pass.  No one is proposing the removal of seniors bus passes in any way.  Quite the opposite is true.  There is now discussion about the possibility of more seniors discounts in our city.

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2014 Budget Presentation to Council

posted by Randy Donauer    |   November 18, 2013 22:25

To view the Power Point presentation of administration's 2014 budget proposal to Council click below...

2014_Budget_ Presentation to Nov 18 Council.pptx (430.47 kb)


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2014 Proposed Budget

posted by Randy Donauer    |   November 18, 2013 21:50

Here's a synopsis of the 2014 budget that Administration proposed to Council tonight, by the numbers...

Proposed Tax Increase:

  • 2.66% police
  • 0.30% fire
  • 0.01% civic services
  • 4.29% dedicated road levy
  • TOTAL 7.26%

4.29% dedicated road levy = $6.75 Million added to base roads funding this year.

  • 2011 Paved Roadways budget = $4.9 Million
  • 2014 Paved Roadways budget = $25.25 Million (including $9 Million one time funding)

More money for snow clearing and spring street sweep...

  • 2011 Snow and Ice budget = $7.6 Million
  • 2014 Snow and Ice budget = $10.74 Million

Property Tax Per Capita (Western Canada):

  • $1797 Calgary
  • $1736 Edmonton
  • $1462 Winnipeg
  • $1304 Regina
  • $1235 Saskatoon


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Donauer Seeking Conservative Nomination in Saskatoon West

posted by Randy Donauer    |   November 13, 2013 14:30

City Councillor Randy Donauer has announced his intention to seek the Conservative nomination for the constituency of Saskatoon West in the next federal election.  With the recent boundary alterations, a new constituency has been created.  As MP Maurice Vellacott has announced he will not be running again, and MP Kelly Block has announced her intention to seek the nomination in a rural constituency, there will be no incumbent for the new riding of Saskatoon West in the 2015 federal election.


Donauer is currently the City Councillor for Ward 5 in Saskatoon.  He first joined Council after winning a by-election in 2010, then was re-elected in 2012.  Donauer had the biggest win of any Councillor or Mayoral candidate in the 2012 civic election, garnering over 73% of the vote to win his ward.  


The new federal constituency of Saskatoon West overlaps Ward 5, where Donauer is currently the City Councillor. 


Donauer says:

“I have thoroughly enjoyed serving the residents of Saskatoon on Council, and now I am asking if they’d like me to represent them in Ottawa.”

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City Centre Plan

posted by Randy Donauer    |   November 12, 2013 20:05

The City of Saskatoon is currently formulating a plan to rejuvenate and develop the core of our city.  The proposal we have received has some very exciting suggestions, including some "pedestrian only" shopping streets downtown, more bike paths, incentives for developers to add parkades, more green space in the downtown, winter activities, etc.  This plan has not yet been approved by Council, so it is important that you send me your input on what you'd like to see in the future.  Click here to view the City Centre Plan.  To send your suggestions click the "Contact" button on the header above.

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Snow and Ice Program

posted by Randy Donauer    |   October 20, 2013 09:10

Winter has arrived.  Check out this link for information on the City's Plan to deal with snow and ice.

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Integrated Growth Plan

posted by Randy Donauer    |   September 15, 2013 14:09

The City of Saskatoon has released our Integrated Growth Plan.  At the speed with which Saskatoon is growing, we need to have aggressive, forward thinking plans that lay out exactly how and where growth will occur.  Not only do we want our city to get bigger, but we want the end result to be a beautiful, vibrant city that everyone wants to live in.  Check out this link to see how we are planning the city's growth.

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