Randy Donauer - Conservative Candidate - Saskatoon West

Randy Donauer

Conservative Candidate for Saskatoon West

Attended the Premier's Dinner in Saskatoon with over 1100 friends.  Tremendous speech by Premier Brad Wall.  He thanked Prime Minister Harper for helping to promote and enhance Saskatchewan's trade exports.  He said, while other Prime Minister's have not paid much attention to Saskatchewan... this Prime Minister has!  As a result, Cameco has recently signed a multi-million dollar trade deal with India... a sign of many more good things to come.  Very excited about the future of our province, and our nation.  With good, sound leadership in place we can go far!


Minister Gerry Ritz was in town to speak about the balanced budget at an NSBA luncheon.  Canada is leading the G20 in fiscal responsibility, and setting an example for the world to follow.  While others balanced the budget through tax increases and slashing transfers to the provinces... we balanced the budget with tax cuts, fiscal prudence, stimulating the economy, and maintaining transfers to the provinces.  Good job!



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