Boil Water Advisory

posted by Randy Donauer    |   March 15, 2013 15:17

There was a major break in the water main near our northern water resevoir.  Water service has been restored but, as a result, the City of Saskatoon has issued a boil water advisory.  Please boil all drinking water before consuming.

For more information, click this link.

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Ward 5 Issues - Video Updates

posted by Randy Donauer    |   October 12, 2012 11:20

For your convenience, I have compiled a series of videos concerning Ward 5 issues.  Please click the links below to watch these short clips concerning topics that are of interest to you. 

     Road Repair Video   (click here)

     Taxes Video   (click here)

     Fiscal Responsibility Video   (click here)

     North Bridge Video  (click here)    NOTE:  Marquis Drive NOW OPEN!!

     Policing / Safety Video   (click here)

     Waste Water Treatment Facility / Odour   (click here)

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Ward 5 Issues

Infrastructure Investments

posted by Randy Donauer    |   September 13, 2012 14:47

The City of Saskatoon has released a report summarizing the various Infrastructure investments in our city since 2007.  The report shows how leveraging city resources has resulted in attracting over $364 million in federal/provincial funding in the past 5 years.  It includes programs such as the south bridge, fire halls, and various traffic upgrades in our city totalling $602 million.  Take a look at the list of projects on page 16, and try to imagine our city without them.  Click this link to view the entire report.

Infrastructure spending in Saskatoon 2007-2011:

  • City of Saskatoon     $238 million         39%
  • Province                    $141 million        24%
  • Federal gov't             $223 million        37% 

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Municipal Operations Benchmark Project

posted by Randy Donauer    |   September 12, 2012 15:13

The Municipal Operations Benchmark Project report identifies, in detail, the factors contributing to different property tax rates between Saskatoon and the cities of Regina, Winnipeg, Edmonton, and Calgary.  The research in this report shows that the City's financial resources are well managed and that Saskatoon is a good place for businesses to set up operations and make investments.

While the report identifies strengths with all the participating cities, in particular it shows that the City of Saskatoon:

  • relied the least on taxation to fund its 2011 operating budget
  • budgeted for breakeven operations
  • budgeted for the second lowest property tax revenue per capita
  • had the second lowest average assessed property value
  • had the highest budgeted contributions to reserves
  • had the second lowest budgeted withdrawals from reserves
  • had the lowest utility-supported debt levels per capita, and
  • the lowest total debt levels per capita

Please click on the pdf below to download and read the entire report.

 Municipal Benchmark Project 2011.pdf (2.49 mb)


Civic Issues

Report on Service, Savings and Sustainability

posted by Randy Donauer    |   September 12, 2012 15:09

The City of Saskatoon continues to seek new and innovative ways to provide existing and emerging programs and services to its citizens.  The Administration is always taking a fresh look at how it operates, and how the corporation can become more adaptive and responsive, with a focus on exploring and implementing new ways of:

  • improving our service;
  • increasing our savings; and
  • growing our city in a sustainable way.

The City of Saskatoon achieved savings of over $9.3 million and $15 million in deferred costs.  Download the entire report to Council by clicking on the pdf below.

Report on Service, Savings and Sustainability 2011.pdf (959.20 kb)

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Civic Issues

Annual Report

posted by Randy Donauer    |   August 26, 2012 19:24

The City of Saskatoon has released our 2011 Annual Report, including the financial statements.  This year end report shows that we balanced the budget and, in fact, showed a surplus of $3.07 Million.  Council directed this surplus to civic reserves (savings accounts), which puts us in a very stable position moving forward.

To view the 2011 Annual Report please click the pdf below. 

2011 Annual Report.pdf (3.58 mb)


Civic Issues

Revaluation of Property Taxes

posted by Randy Donauer    |   July 25, 2012 12:23

Provincial law requires our city to revalue the properties in Saskatoon every 4 years for tax purposes.  It is important to note that revaluation is revenue neutral.  That means the City of Saskatoon does not collect more money due to revaluation.  We simply reasess how property values have changed.  Some properties have increased in value more than others.  This will be reflected in the notices.  Some peoples' taxes will go up.  Some will go down.  But in the end, the city will collect the same amount of money.

For more information about reassessment in Saskatoon click this link.


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Civic Issues

Warman Road Ultra-thin Road Overlay

posted by Randy Donauer    |   June 25, 2012 19:38

The week of June 25, the City of Saskatoon will be applying an ultra-thin overlay to Warman Road from Assiniboine Rd to Primrose Drive.  There have been several questions as to why this stretch of road is being maintained, as opposed to other sections that are in worse condition.  City Council added $4 Million to the road maintenance budget so that we can begin to make progress on the backlog.  Rebuilding roads that are in very poor condition is very expensive.  In addition to rebuilding roads this summer, the city will also be taking some preventative measures to ensure the other roads do not deteriorate to that level. 

Applying an ultra-thin membrane as prevention costs about 20% of a road repair that involves rebuilding the road.  We are trying to do some prevention before roads deteriorate, so that we can stop the cycle.  We are still doing work around the city on major road projects, which require an entire rebuild, but we also have some projects that are targetted at prevention because this is much cheaper.  More details on the Warman Rd project can be found by clicking this link to the City's website

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Ward 5 Issues

Warman Road Off Ramp Under Construction

posted by Randy Donauer    |   May 24, 2012 16:33

The Warman Road off ramp to Circle Drive eastbound will be closed May 25 to June 13 for construction.  This is a major construction project, as they are tearing the road up and rebuilding it entirely.  Crews will be working 24 hours per day, 7 days per week (weather permitting) to get the job done as quickly as possible.

Traffic lights on Miller/Circle and Faithful/Circle are being altered, to allow more flow onto Circle Drive North from those streets.  However, there is only so much congestion that Circle Drive can take, and we do not expect this to look pretty.  Please plan other routes across the river.  Please plan in advance, leave lots of time to get to your destination, and travel during non rush hour periods whenever possible. 

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Civic Issues


posted by Randy Donauer    |   May 22, 2012 17:56

As you know, I opposed mandatory curbside recycling. I do not believe in big government, and I think we already have enough legislation regulating our day to day lives.  Saskatoon already had a wide variety of recycling options available, including two companies who provided excellent curbside service for those who wanted it. Nevertheless, Council has approved a new program for single family dwellings and it will begin next year.  The program will be rolled out gradually, beginning in January 2013.  The cost is going to be $4-$5 per household per month, and it will be added as a new item on your utility bill once you start receiving service.

One of my major concerns is that we must protect Cosmopolitan Industries, where disadvantaged residents have been recycling paper for many years.  Cosmo provides a place for those less fortunate than us to feel included in our community, contribute, and have purpose and structure added to their day.  The paper program gives these people a job, and helps make each one of them a significant part of our community while providing a valuable service.  The City of Saskatoon is currently in the middle of a 10 year contract with Cosmo to supply them with recyclable paper.  To withdraw from our committment to Cosmo is not an option. 

Council has passed a resolution that Cosmo be our recycling service provider for multi-family units in Saskatoon (apartments and condos).  At present, this is agreeable to the Cosmo board of directors, so we will try to sign a contract with Cosmo as soon as possible.  This matter will be coming before Council on Monday, May 28.  The reports from Administration to Council are below.

Recycling Cover Report.pdf (30.73 kb)
Multi Unit Dwelling Recycling Report.pdf (110.88 kb)
Attach 1 Multi's across Canada.pdf (21.94 kb)
Attach 2 MOU.pdf (1.76 mb)

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